My growth regiment 🚀

Part of looking back at my transformative 2010s

This is the most crucial part of this letter: my goals. They'll define how I spend the next 365 days of my life. And how I spend my time will translate to the person I become. Lots of pressure for one section of this letter!

I tried to make my 2020 priorities specific enough to give me direction but vague enough to be flexible and open to iteration.

This was no easy task. I'm still trying to figure out my optimal year, and how that'll fit with my long-term goals.

Right now, what I think I want to be when I grow up is so scattered. It'll be easier to formulate a concrete plan once I understand my longer-term goals. So, my focus now is to try many things. I am figuring out what I like/don't like while keeping as many "options" open. Paul Graham has been a significant influence in my life, especially this essay, which talks about a similar concept.

Currently, I'm like a spreadsheet with minimal data. Sure, you can perform some analysis, but the conclusions will be better with more data to analyze.

As an example, when I get asked if I'm going to University, I respond, "I'm not opposed to it," because I don't know if it is, or is not the best thing for me. There's no upside in being closed-minded on either decision: I should do what makes sense for me. But, to know what makes sense for me, I have to understand what "myself" wants.

In short, I don't know what I don't know, and if I were to conclude right now, the results would be very limited. I need to collect data! Each of these priorities will act as a framework to guide my decision making. I've chosen to share my more 'high level' plan as I'm still iterating my more specific version.

#1 Priority: Start Developing a Vision

  • I want to have a better understanding of my ambition by the end of this year. I'll use first principles to understand problems at their root. (i.e., asking why a bunch of times until I get to the root cause).
  • I plan to go deeper into many different problems. (As many as I can!)
  • Some areas I'm excited about: food production, construction materials, water, senior care, and reproductive health. I'll be creating lots of content around these areas.
  • Also, to develop my vision, I want to continue advancing my knowledge in technology. Learning about tech is like "filling my toolbox," which can be used for execution, later on. Every month I plan to dive into 1-2 areas of tech and develop technical reviews in the form of articles or videos.
  • Soon, I want to execute on something long term (i.e., build a solution that solves a problem). By developing an understanding of problems and tools, hopefully, I'll get to execution soon!

#2 Priority: Gain Unique Experiences and Skills

  • For the next six months, I'm continuing to work at @theksociety (high-growth human accelerator startup). It's been an exciting time so far, and I'm thrilled to continue learning. We're expanding to 4 new cities next year (SF, LA, Vancouver, Seattle), in addition to our 5 right now (Boston, NYC, Ottawa, Vegas, Toronto).

#3 Priority: Deeply Understand Myself

  • I want to have a bias towards action to try things out. If I'm scared to do something: I'll give it a shot! I'm excited to learn about myself and get over my fears/insecurities.
  • Personal development is a huge priority. I'm continually striving to be kinder, more meditative, and reflective.

If you have any feedback, advice or any way you could help with these goals, feel free to shoot me an email: isabella@theksociety.com.

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