AI writing stories, based on images

24 June 2019 by Isabella Grandic

So I feel like the world has decided Deep Learning is pretty cool. Over the past 4 months, I've hoped on the DL trend. It's been great. I've obviously been reading up on the classics, but Andrej Karpathy really inspired me to take on this project. It was tons of work & goggling, but I learned SO MUCH!

First of all, RNNs are so dope. It's crazy how we can use recurrent neural networks to make computers smart. The full white paper of my project can be found here I even filmed a video, which you can watch here

I learned so much. Focusing in AI helped me understand myself + how I learned, helped me learn to figure things out and exposed me to a super awesome technology. Wouldn't trade these learnings for the world. This project has taught be the important of doing hard things, and learning constantly. So grateful.

I've gotten so excited about AI, and making computers smart. My computer is about to get an entire makeover, haha! Automation is so important, it will help us solve so many problems, freeing humans from replaceable tasks, and letting us do what we're made for: building and creating. This summer, I have tons of exciting stuff happening, so I'll need to learn how to hack things like spreadsheet and emails, to make the processes faster. My most valuable resource is time. In this project, I had to go from not knowing what an RNN was, to actually building and implementing one. If at 15 I can learn the math behind intelligence, I'm pretty sure I can do anything I set my mind to.

To teach my computer to turn images into books/stories, I had to train two LSTMs (type of recurrent network) and use a CNN. It was hard, for sure. It was math-y. It was complicated. But when I finally got it working, it was the most exciting feeling ever. I loved that feeling. I want to continue persevering, and getting to feel "that" again.

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