Post inspired by Sapiens

My view on life would have been so different if I spent the first 15 years understanding the world...

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Post inspired by Homo Deus

Who left MY generation to solve shit like cancer. We can’t even get these kids off fortnite...

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The moment my life changed

You’ve reached a consistent state of happiness when you can’t remember the last time you were unhappy...

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Trip to Vancouver

I learned about change. That change is possible. Comparing a year-ago-me to now, was, crazy...

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Why People > $

C2 MTl...If I were to explain the experience in 3 words they’d be goats, smiling and high-fives...

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Take a walk

During these 5 hours, I accidentally discovered how to live my life and I re-defined everything...

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How I've been growing

Improving my mind-controllingness is my number one priority because controlling your mind controls your actions...

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Happiness = Pain

What is happiness? How does it work? Meaning of life? How to achieve internal peace? 15 y/o philosopher ;)

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21 problems of the 21st century

Essentially a rant about why the world sucks. One of my favourite books is 21 lessons of the 21st century.

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