Best Resources.

About a year and a half ago, I got obsessed with self-improvement. I started studying smart people and collecting resources. I wanted to centralize and share those resources in one place for anyone to enjoy.

This page is under constant construction. This is my v.1 - but I'll be releasing more versions (with more resources) soon.


Podcasts are one of the best inventions of time, in my humble opinion. I listen to 1-5 in a day. Sometimes way more. Here's a filtered list of my favourite (yes, I'm Canadian) podcasts and episodes I enjoy.


My favourite books, ranked in order of recommendation.

Smart People

This section is about specific people that have inspired me. Every week I chose a new person to study. I understand their mental models, habits and I binge their resources.

If you ever have suggestions of people I should look into, email

Science and Tech

In this section, which I'm still building out, I'll have resources for different sciences/technologies. Here are the topics I've studied and will shortly be adding information for:

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Developing strong mindsets has been a game changer for me, my personal and my professional development. I'm planning to build out this section to include resources and action items for each mindset.

Current mindset packets under construction:

... It's Coming Soon 😇