Toddler to Teenager: how I've grown

(beyond getting a little taller...)

I started this decade off as an overimaginative 6-year-old and ended it as a 16-year-old on a mission to impact billions. I'll breakdown my learnings, highlights and goals for the next decade 🦄.

If this is your first time seeing my name: 👋 I'm Isabella (or Izzy!), and I'm deeply passionate about technology and problem solving. I've worked on projects like trying to slap climate change in the face with new food production, reducing the cost of housing by 40% and make birth safer 👶. Currently an Olympic-level-problem-solver-in-training @theksociety

This started as a 'year in review' because 2019 was a wild, nerdy time. But since we start a new decade only 10 years... I thought: "screw it! I'll just do a decade in review." Thus, *12 hours of coding later* this webpage was born.

Was it earning my first paycheck? Scaling the Colorado Plateau? Exploring abandoned houses in Portugal? Being on a TV show? Meeting the chief executive officer of Microsoft? Joining my first advisory board? Being featured on the Huffington Post? Being a Keynote speaker at IKEA's Digital Festival? Winning C2's 7 under 17?


It was: eating a burrito on a boat in Amsterdam after spending 8 hours binging cultured meat patents, and 2 hours in a lab looking at beating heart cells, all on 4 hours of sleep. August 29, 2019. I know it might sound strange, but this was the highlight of my decade.


I'm an extremely driven teenager with a very unconventional life. I've had a plethora of crazy experiences travelling, working and learning. Despite the things I've climbed, people I've met and conferences I've spoken at, this seemingly insignificant moment is my favourite memory. Why? During the digestion of that burrito, I internalized how much I'd transformed my life.


It started with extreme enthusiasm for technology. I was 15. Before that point, I barely knew what tech was, even though it was changing the world. I grew up as a very average, very normal kid. And now, I'm not. I work for companies; I review technologies and every day I go to bed smarter than when I woke up.


No one lives forever (yet!), so I've learned to cherish all moments. All the hardships, struggles and joys. Life is a gift, not something that is a given, so enjoy every second while you can. 2019 was an inflection point for me, and now I'm on the brink of something really exciting.

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    Curious. Often in an internet rabbit hole. Lover of understanding complex systems. Figuring out altruistic mission; currently excited about creating better food, cities and women's health infrastructure. I like creating things. Blogs. Apps. Thought bubbles. Decks. Executor in training.


    I've dipped my toes into a wide array of projects. Here are 5 I'm proud of:
    - Patenting tool for lawyers

    - Housing affordability recommendation

    - Genetic Algorithms, optimization experiments

    - Foodtech: scientific and market research reviews

    - Compliant mechanism prototyping and analysis

    Full Portfolio


    Data Analytics (for @theksociety )

    3D printing to solve a big problem [prototyping] (secret now; more info soon)

    Rebuilding my websites + small projects to improve web development skills