You don't know what you have

Lesson #5

Not one day has gone by where I haven't learned something. I've improved a lot, in several different areas, but I have an extremely long, thrilling way to go. One of my most humbling lessons has been that I know nothing: the world is so much bigger and broader than my scope. Here's my very tiny view of the lessons I've learned this year. I'm going to keep these lessons brief.

You don't know what you're missing untill you step out of your bubble of reality. This could be simplified to 'you don't know what you don't know.' I've really internalized my bubble of reality this year. Here's what I mean:

This feels very cliche, but had you told my one-year-ago self what 2019 had in store, she would've never, ever, ever believed you. At the start of the year, I'd never given a talk before. How could I ever have predicted speaking at Web Summit or C2 Montreal? It was an impossibility in my head. A year ago my "circle of possibilties" was signficantly more limitted than what I know now, and I wasn't even aware of its tininess!

When I'd talk to old teachers or friends about what I'm up to, they'd be like "I didn't even know teenagers could work on tech projects for companies and travel so much." To which I'd say, "traditionally, they could not. There is no program, university or similar that drives for the results/lifestyle I've worked for. Most people need a proven path and garunteed results to start doing something. I needed learning points and growth. No one had to prove to me that what I'd spend my time doing would lead to the results I had, I was ready to take risks. We mistake hasn't been done before with impossible far too often."

Another example is strong relationships. This year, more specifically the past few months, I've only started to realize what it's like to have life-long relationships.

Highschoolers tend to joke about their friends being short term. Secretely everyone thinks it, but no one wants it to be true. I know my first 2 years in highschool, I had 40 people I'd consider "good friends". Truth was, I've never felt so alone in my entire life.

This year I stopped talking to every one of those people( except 3who I didn't meet in highschool, they're my childhood friends).

Every friend I made in highschool is now nothing more than person I used to know. My view on friendship now is so different. Why? Because I stopped playing short-term games with short-term people, and started investing in long-term relationships with long-term people. My "bubble" has shifted by experiencing new things. In this case, friendship. There are infinite more bubble-bursting examples, but they all led me to one conclusion. The world is surprising. It'll shock you because you only experience a tiny portion of it. Don't be close minded in a world of possibilities.


  • Be grateful
  • Spend time with the right people
  • Do things you're passionate about; don't do things for the 'certificate'
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