Transforming my Mindset

5 simple things completely changed my day-to-day life.

1. Listening to podcasts + talks and reading articles + books whenever I could. They say you're the average of your five closest friends; I made knowledge one of mine.

Top 5 books

  • Zero to One
  • Sapiens
  • The top 5 regrets of the dying
  • Makers
  • Principles

Top 5 Podcast Episodes

2. Observing my emotions. When I got angry, instead of bias towards acting immediately, I chose to reflect and understand myself. It has been hard to go against my natural tendency, but thus far, it has been rewarding. I started being more meditative (thanks to Sam Harris for inspiring me!). #Iwokeup.

What you can start doing

  • Keep a diary. Write down your feelings.
  • When something 'bad' happens, wait 24h before reacting

3. Challenging myself and doing mini-experiments. I had so many phases. Whenever I heard of a trend, I'd try to give it a shot. I was never close-minded. This helped me figure out what 'hacks' work for me, and which don't.

Some challenges you can commit to:

  • No coffee (like, ever)
  • No social media
  • 5 am wake ups
  • Daily 7 minute mile
  • Monthly dopamine fast (you spend 1 day drinking water, and writing down your thoughts (no talking!). You can't consume, you can only output).
  • 1 blog post/week
  • Cold showers
  • Sleeping on the floor
  • Spending (max) $2/day on food

4. Having other people hold me accountable. Tell your friends! Share your goals!

How to be held accountable

  • Post something on social media (unless you've deleted it;)
  • Make a spreadsheet with your year's plan, and share with 3 trust-worthy friends.
  • Send weekly or daily updates to other people
  • Make a bet, with actual downside, to motivate you. (E.g., pay friend X $10 000 if you fail at your goal)

5. Watching documentaries and expanding my worldview.

  • I spend a few days in Serbia, where I visited hospitals, cemeteries, and farmer's markets, talking to people who live very different lives than me. It was eye-opening. Every time I get on a flight, I try to talk to the person next to me. I've had conversations with cancer survivors, previous refugees, founders, doctors, ambitious students, military officials and more.

    As a result: I'm significantly more grateful, self-aware, confident, thoughtful and emotionally stable. I'm proud of the person I'm becoming. And this growth is just the start. I have so much room to improve.

  • Currently, I'm not in the position to see and travel the developing world. However, I don't make that an excuse. I constantly expose myself to the realities of other people whether it's through phone calls or podcasts. By trying to understand the world, I've become an incredibly more grateful and informed. Do it. It's worth it.

Anddddddd, this is just the start of my mindset metamorphosis.

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