2010s in numbers

Part of looking back at my transformative 2010s

115+ meetings, 50% were with c-suite level executives or influential startup employees

50+ blogs written on exponential technologies, projects or philosophies

25+ conferences or events 🚀

15 Interviews, media articles or podcasts

13 talks given at world-class conferences (Web Summit, Microsoft Ready, PWC, IKEA, C2, Elevate)

12 places visited (Arizona, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Serbia, France, Vancouver, Montreal (x3!), Las Vegas)

10+ books read (some twice and thrice 😜)

5goats/llamas met

4 multi-million dollar opportunities identified

3 consulting projects

2 almost-billionaires met

1 pre-unicorn company joined as a PM

Despite living through an entire decade, 99% of my interesting experiences happened in 14% of the time.

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