Isabella Grandic


I want to help build a better world.

At 15, I stared up at thousands of people in Las Vegas. I was in the centre of a stadium delivering a presentation on food technology. It was for Microsoft's internal all-hands and I was nervous out of my mind.

At 16, I was flown down to Denmark/Sweden to attend IKEA's annual digital festival as a speaker. I fulfilled my childhood dream of visiting the original IKEA in Almhult, Sweden while meeting tens of executives at IKEA. A month later, I was in Portugal speaking at the world's biggest tech conference: Web Summit.

I'm 17 now. I'm building a social enterprise in Africa. We're distributing high-impact post-pregnancy medication for 80% below-market pricing in rural communities.

I've had experiences consulting for Google's Sidewalk Labs, and Kidogo - a social enterprise in Kenya. I also have a passion for understanding the female body and building robust food systems. I've been featured in outlets like the Huffpost, Global Toronto and C2 Montreal.

I'm the first-born in an immigrant family. My parents came to Canada as refugees from Yugoslavia. Growing up, I've always been hardworking, inquisitive with a strong desire to not live a normal life.

It's always been a struggle to pinpoint what I want out of my life. I'm naturally audacious, but that doesn't easily translate into traditional career paths.

This is where I document my journey towards living a meaningful life. One where I help others, build meaningful relationships and have adventures. I hope you learn something!

17-year-old with a passion for problem-solving.

I spent two years at an olympic-level global impact training program for high-potential students - @theksociety . I've always loved science and technology. When I was 13, I went to a science competition at the University of Toronto - we won 2nd and it was one of the most inspiring days of my life. A few years later, I deeply studied the field of cellular agriculture - which lead me to keynote in 5+ countries around the world. I'm currently a Gen Z Advisor at Aleph Farms.

In my spare time, I read books, watch sunrises and research the biological functions of the female body.

Current Projects

EMM Framework
Product @ TKS
Female Biohacking

I'm building a project to scale maternal health solutions in Nigeria. We are reducing deaths due to postpartum hemorrhaging, severe bleeding after birth, with a pill called Misoprostol. Our focus for now is building a proposal for the Ministry of Health in Jigawa, Nigeria, so they can pilot the distribution strategy in the state in early 2021.

In 2019, I became an early employee at TKS, a company building olympic level training to train the next generation of innovators. I've helped launch our programs in 5 cities accross North America, and I'm helping bring that number to 7 cities in September.

In my spare time, I like to deep dive into female healthcare. I've shared my insights among different female-centric circles, and there has been tons of interest in building a product in this area. I'm currently creating an MVP centred around female productivity designed from health insights.

Featured Projects

Kenyan ECD Schools

Built a recommendation for non-profit, Kidogo -- to build extra revenue streams to cross-subsidize their early childhood development centres.

Alternative Protein Research

I spent 10+ months diving into alternative protein, specifically the science behind cultured meat. I've keynoted in 5 countries about it, helped build Europe's first Alternative Protein Show, and I've written articles that've collectively received thousands of views.

Women's Health Standards

I worked on building a technical overview of the female body. I've outsourced my learnings on my blog. I did a presentation for the British Standards Institute around building bodies of excellence within female services.

Misoprostol Distribution

[Current project] Building an initiative to scale Misoprostol, a life-saving postpartum hemorrhage drug to rural areas in Nigeria. Working on: a technical monitoring plan, training curriculum, distribution structure and communal education strategy

Featured Presentation

IKEA Digital, October 2019 -- The Mindsets of Innovation