About Me.

Visualizer & designer of the future.

I'm Isabella Grandic, a life long learner, researcher and developer. I'm passionate about leveraging technology to solve some of humanity's hardest, most important problems. I'm not scared of failure or humiliation, I'm scared of mediocrity.

You must think I'm as cute as a button! No, this is not a "cute" thing. I'm on a mission to impact billions... sometimes that involves me speaking at conferences all over, developing babies without mommies, making beef without cows or working with some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

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What I'm up to.

Amazon Prime TV and KET

I'll be down in MTL working on a TV show Hint: we'll be trying to solve a big problem in the world

Also, I'm joining the KindEarth.Tech team, for their August Amsterdam Event... if you're in Europe, come say hi!

And, I'm taking on Lead for KETkids, foodtech for young people

The Knowledge Society

At The Knowledge Society (TKS) I'm learning about growing the company + hiring smart people.

TKS is a human accelerator for young people to become unicorns. I'm part of the program, and I'm helping with the scale up.

PS. if you know any smart, people who want to join TKS' mission... they're hiring! Email me.

3D printing

I've been obsessed with cellular agriculture, nanotechnology and Machine Learning for a few months now.

I've decided to start researching 3D printing, because the applications are crazy. SO excited for this industry

Tons of projects, articles & videos coming up!

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