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I'm Isabella Grandic,a life long learner, researcher and developer. I'm passionate about leveraging technology to solve some of humanity's hardest, most pressing problems.

My mission is to impact billions. Currently, that entails building my "toolbox" of skills & mental models. At the moment I'm working with 3D printing technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Agriculture and Nanotechnology.

I've spoken at conferences like Microsoft Ready, C2 Montreal, WNorth and BCtech summit. I'm an upcoming speaker at Elevate, at the World's Largest AI conference: World Summit AI and IKEA Digital Festival in Copenhagen.

I've worked on solving global energy supply (on the Amazon Prime TV Show: The Social Movement), gotten a standing ovation at the T-mobile Arena and even did a project to advance artificial wombs.

In August, I'm in Amsterdam working with Kind Earth Tech (KET) to put together the Alternative Protein & Dairy show, and research Gen Z consumer preferences in foodtech & beyond.

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Cheers to changing the world ✌️

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What I'm up to.

The Knowledge Society

I'm an activator at TKS which means I'm hunting for billion dollar opportunities in the world!

My goal this year is to gather a better understanding of myself and the world. I'm SO excited to get my mind blown on an hourly basis, while developing valuable skills like asking the right questions, being analytical and identifying opportunities.

Kind Earth Tech

KET connects farmers, scientists, CEOs and innovators from the sustainable protein industry. Right now we're hosting the Alternative Protein & Diary Show in Amsterdam while working on merging farmers and foodtech.

We're also building out a platform called newprotein.org to create industry landscapes, pass certifications, and bring sustainable business ideas/investments to companies all over the world.

Building my Toolbox

I'm keen on becoming the best version of myself. My guilty pleasures include: going down internet rabbit holes and understanding the world (through adventures!)

I get fascinated by almost anything. Right now, I'm focusing on learning about 3D printing design and CAD systems, but I'm basically a nerd for anything. I'm powered by achieving mastery; I like to understand different emerging technologies/tools so I can find the "intersection" of many technologies (which unlocks emense possibilities).

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