Hi, I'm Isabella Grandic

TKS innovator
Cellular Agriculture Researcher
ML developer

Hey! I'm Isabella.

Innovator, Developer, Researcher and Writer.

A 15 y/o thrilled by all kinds of science and tech that can impact billions of people?! Yup that's me. I've leveraged my research to transforming the unsustainable food industry using tissue engineering and cellular agriculture. I'm additionally working on trying to integrate technologies like machine learning and nanotechnology to help solve our many environmental challenges.

I recently spoke at RBC future makers and I'll be speaking at FITC, C2, and BCtech about disrupting animal products with cellular agriculture in the upcoming months.

Achieving a strong perspective of the world is important to me. I'm always trying to expose myself to unique experiences and adventures! Always learning and growing - if you want to follow me along my journey you can sign up for my monthly newsletter!

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