Isabella Grandić

Working on solving puzzles in women's health and nutrition. Passionate writer; read my latest short story collection from my wilderness expeditions in Utah: "The Wetter, The Better."

Morehead-Cain Scholar at UNC Chapel Hill '25

Gillings School of Public Health Nutrition Major + A Self-Created Major in Applied Feminism

Living a Meaningful Life in...

Toronto, Canada → Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Previously: Ending Maternal Mortality

Built a misoprostol distribution pilot in Northern Nigeria

Previously working as a Program Success Manager

I was an early employee at TKS, an education startup that scaled from a program in Toronto to a global STEM program.

Ambitious, Curious + Nerdy

6^2 x π * 0.15915494309 years old


Fun Facts ✨

I'm a nature-loving bookworm on a mission to build revolutionary biotech products. For the last few months I have been wipping up a secret women's health product that I am excited to launch soon!
I used to public speak about cellular agriculture and women's health. You may have seen me at Web Summit, IKEA, Microsoft, Elevate, C2 Montreal, etc. Although I love speaking, my most potent passion is in writing. My present priorities are focused on longer forms of written work on these topics!



Founder, Secret Project | May 2021 - Present

Launching a women's health education product in Decemeber 2021.


Executive Director, EMM | March 2020 - August 2021

Building a rural drug distribution and health worker training program in Northern Nigeria to end maternal mortality. Creating a reproducible framework and digital tools to tackle SDG 3.1. Learn more →


Program Success Manager TKS | September 2019 - April 2021

Startup employee at TKS, building the future of education. Analyzed program outcomes and experience, built initiatives like boss ladies for young women in tech and designed emerging technology courses/curricula.


STEM and Philosophy Thinker, Personal Blog | October 2018 - Present

I've written ~100 blogs in public and ~30 newsletters. I write about biotech, philosophy, and living a meaningful life (sunrises, books, walks and all that good stuff). Read my blog →


Speaker and Consultant British Standards Institute | March 2020 - April 2020

Spoke at BSI's standard setting conference on a framework I created for ethical women's health technology development. Watch →


Technology Intern, KET | June 2019 - August 2019

Built Europe's first alternative protein show. Hosted Gen Z consumer preferences workshop for 50+ startups. Was one of the first people to try JUST eggs in Europe 😋. Learn more →


Innovation Speaker, 🌎 | January 2019 - Present

I've spoken at 25+ events to 50,000+ people in Europe, North America and virtually. Some events include: Corenote speaker at Microsoft Ready, RBC Future Makers, EMA interview with Madelaine Petsch, Elevate Tech Fest, PWC V2R awards, C2 Montreal, IKEA Digital Festival, and Web Summit. See my IKEA DGTL Talk & Web Summit Climate Change Talk →


Various Consulting Projects, TKS | November 2018 - July 2020

TKS partners with companies to give students opportunities to build consulting recommendations. For example, I worked on decreasing housing costs in Toronto for Sidewalk labs, scaling early childhood development centres in Kenya for Kidogo and making energy globally available via solar panels in space on the TV show The Social Movement (coming Summer 2021).

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My Values

Wonder, Explore and Inquire.

Google, wandering through nature and reading books is my kind of dopamine hit. There's never an end to one's learning or growth.

You don't know what you don't know. Be kind, compassionate and open-minded.

There's always more to a person or concept than what's on the surface. Leave room for discovery.

Smile and be the energy that other people need.

When I enter the room, I try to brighten it. I never know when someone needs some warmth, positivity or a friend.

Passion and integrity are the dynamic duo.

When I genuinely care about something, I commit to it. I have integrity in my actions. I strive to combine vision with execution (& spice strawberry icecream is an amazing treat).